Champion shelving system for mushroom farming is the ideal solution for mushroom farms which use, or are planning to use, automated filling and/or emptying processes.



- Durable, reliable and cost-effective

- Easy to assemble and to clean

- Compatible with other equipment and accessories for mushroom growing

- 12 pieces of aluminium base rails per shelf – aluminium base rails

- Heavy-duty top and bottom guide rails for picking lorries – aluminium guide rails

- Fixing elements for guide rails – adjustable, made of aluminium

- Optimised for working with mushroom farming machinery

- Anticorrosion protection of main frames: galvanized layer compliant with PN EN ISO 1461



- Material: galvanized steel; aluminium (guide rails incl. fixing elements, base rails)

- Bolts, nuts, washers: galvanized steel

- Number of shelves: 3 to 6

- Growing width: 1.2 m, 1.34 m, 1.4 m

- Distance between shelves: 60 cm

Additional options:


- Additional base rails: 14 pieces per shelf

- Aluminium sideboards

- Compatibility with automated watering system (top extension for watering the top shelf; crossbeam opening)

- Non-standard, customised distance between shelves

- Non-standard shelf widths

- End boards, enclosing the shelves at far ends

- Stainless steel bolts

A layer of growing net, foil or other appropriate material is necessary to separate compost from the shelf. Aluminium elements of the shelving are not anodised. The additional options listed need specific agreement and are provided at an additional cost.


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